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NY Fashion Week Secrets: Beauty Gurus Tell All Backstage At The Tracy Reese Fall/Winter Show

We love learning beauty tips and tricks from the best beauty gurus in the business and that is why I wrote about them here. But we wanted to know more! We asked Mally Roncal, Ouidad, and others backstage at the Tracy Reese show to tell us their Fashion Week Secrets!

1. Mally Roncal told her secret and of course in true Mally form made us laugh! Mally told us that the morning of the Tracy Reese fashion show her house alarm went off at 4 am. She woke up with bags under her eyes and was looking too "cray-cray". We think despite the disturbance in her beauty sleep regimen Mally of course still look refreshed and polished! Best remedy for tired eyes? Mally told us: moisturizing concealer, a shadow stick, and lots of blue-rose-gold shimmery shadow. Mally technically told us two secrets, and for that we thank her! 

Darn, I didn't think I had to share mine! My fashion week secret was I was running late in the morning and didn't have time to paint my toes. The four toes you see in the picture below are the only ones painted! Shhhh, and hey, don't judge! 

Sally Hansen technicians worked for about a month with Tracy Reese to create the nail looks for this Fall/Winter runway, and they told us a great secret about how their new color "Chili Flakes" earned its name. The name of the polish "Chili Flakes" was inspired by Tracy Reese who, while at a meeting with the nail team, was topping her food with a jar of actual chili flakes  and realized the color in the glitter matched the spice! 

Ouidad and her team of stylists loved our question! One stylist said she wears a bold lip to pull attention away from her hair. Jason pictured left told us that perfect hair is out and boring. The Queen of the Curl, Ouidad,  shared with us as she added body to a model's hair that she was just "here for the party". What a party it was backstage with all of these gurus in one place the Tracy Reese Show was perfection from the top of each and every model's perfectly coiffed hair to the tips of their expertly manicured digits!

We want to hear more about your fashion week secrets. E-mail, instagram, or share in the comment section below your best fashion week secret!

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