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5 Steps To Look Put Together...(even when you're really not)

     The scenario: you just woke up, and you realize you have fifteen minutes to get your derriere in the car and off to work. You mutter something underneath your breath, and think: how in the world am I going to get myself together in time? Well, follow these 5 easy steps and you'll be looking fine, and on time! 

1. Start with colored jeans: Not only is it on trend, but they are also a jean that you can get away with at work. I am always seeing red pants as I walk the streets of NYC, but any color works well. The pair below are from Joe Fresh.

2. Add a blazer: A blazer over anything always brings an outfit together. It says "I am professional and organized", when really your running late, and your life's a mess. I placed this blazer from Forever 21 over a black tank top.  
 3. Matching Accessories: Oh what people will say when you have on something that matches. I simply paired the red pants, with a red pashmina for the cooler mornings when I am commuting, and a pop of turquoise with the earrings, and glam ring below.
Earrings are from Forever 21
Turquoise Ring by Guess

4. Easy Peasy Black Boots: Slip on a pair of flats, or ankle boots for a bit of edge to match your blazer, and bag.
Black Ankle Boots are Sam Edelman

 5. Opt for the Updo: There are very rare occasions where I can wake up after a shower the night before, and my thick long hair is manageable the next morning. So I opt for the up-do with a twist. A french twist. French braid your hair into two pig tails, then pin up in the back of your head. If you find the idea of any type of braiding disturbing please watch the youtube video below with 7 even easier everyday options for updos.
Check out these clips for other options:
Stay Lovely even when you're running late,
Editor and Curator 

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