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3 Reasons We Love Greenport, Long Island In The Fall

You may think that Long Island is only a summer destination, because of our beautiful beaches, haute Hampton's shopping, funk music festivals, and iconic venues like Nikon at Jones Beach Theater. And even though summer's on Long Island are what I dream about in the spring, my favorite time of year on Long Island is actually the Fall! There is so much to do, to see, and towns to visit. One of my favorite towns to wander around, on a crisp but comfortable fall Saturday, is Greenport. Here, let me show you why:

1. Picturesque Impromptu Stops:

On your way out to the North Fork town of Greenport you'll pass beautiful fields, farm stands, tea cottages, and my favorite... yard sales. There is always cars pulled over to the side of the road to pick their own fresh produce, apples, pumpkins or to play in the corn maze, or taste a homemade apple pie mmm. And let's not forget there are vineyards, after vineyards, after vineyards. Getting to Greenport is half the fun!
2. Tall Ships Festival

This is one of my favorite fall festivals, and it is happening this weekend September 20th-22nd! There are beautiful ships that you can tour, chowder contests, live music, parades, street venders, blacksmith workshops, beer tasting, and more! Speaking of beverages...
3. The Greenport Brewery

Tastings are free, and flights are $8. Plus, they throw in a free pint glass as a souvenir! Relax in their tasting room that duels as an art exhibit. The exhibit they're hosting right now is based on Moby Dick, which is fitting because Greenport was a huge whaling town during the early 1800s.
So, if you're free this weekend and you live on Long Island, then start up your fall festivities and take a deserved day trip, and if you're not from Long Island and free turn your weekend into a little vaca, and check out the festival schedule here:
Stay Lovely,
Editor and Curator of
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