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Introducing The Dusk & Rubies Fall Collection: "How Country Feels"

Wondering where you can purchase this season's fall collection? Well, look no further lovelies. Dusk & Rubies is now being sold at Queens City Cupcakes in Patchogue. See something you like below, come down to the store for your one of a kind piece!

See how we styled some pieces from the "How Country Feels" Collection below:

"Country-up" one of your summer dresses by:
 -Pairing it with your best cowboy boots, 
-Adding a thin hoodie for an instant layered look,
-And finally, an on trend denim piece over the hoodie.

You will not only be ready for fall, but also the most stylish girl at the rodeo. Maybe even TSwift will cast you in one of her music videos about one of her latest breakups; they seem to be never-ending...and catchy.

 Very, very, catchy.

Example A:


Queen City Cupcakes      

62 W Main St, Patchogue, NY ‎

Stay Lovely!
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies 

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