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How To Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

Memorable Weddings
Being at that age where wedding invites start piling up like junk mail, and receptions start reminding you of glamorized sweet 16s, and dare we say this- one reception starts blending into another we can start to understand a new meaning behind that idiom, "the old ball and chain".
I know this sounds like the worst possible fate for both the guests and the bride and groom to be. Well, I am ready to intervene on fate's terrifying plans with today's post: How to make your wedding day memorable. Forget those fears ladies and gents, because I have recently attended a wedding that left all of its guests inspired by the magic that is true love, and showed us exactly how to create the perfect memorable event.
Venue: Crooked Willow Farms
Larkspur, CO
Tip #1: Do Go Venue Voyaging:
When close friends of mine created the most perfect moment in time I knew I had to share it with my readers. Behold Crooked Willow Farm the perfect backdrop for any wedding, but most importantly it is the perfect venue for this couple. A great venue does a couple of things for your wedding: firstly, the perfect venue is reflective of the couple themselves. It makes the guests feel at home to party and have a good time! Secondly, a great venue allows party goers their space to dance and socialize while also space to relax and drink their cocktails. And finally, your venue will serve as the perfect backdrop, or canvas for your event. In the case of Crooked Willow Farms, this venue achieved all three. Take a look below:

Tip #2: Do Sweat The Small Stuff
The bride and groom were very hands on with every minuscule detail from designing their invitations, (they're artists), to hand writing each and every place card, and from using their calligraphy skills to write a pristine yet funky looking jumbo chalk board dinner menu, to putting their expertise to work with creating paper folders for wooden utensils. As a guest, and good friend I felt everywhere I looked there was something to see, and something created with love by the couple for their friends and family. This helped their event feel personable and warm just like this couple.


Tip #3: Do Have A Theme

Having a theme or a reoccurring motif really makes a wedding memorable for its guests, and it also allows for the wedding to have a cohesive feel. Colors, fabrics, designs, decor,  and even a well-planned menu and bar menu can help to create a theme. Whether you want your wedding to give off vibes of old school elegance, or inspire your guests with the vibrancy of your Indian heritage have the confidence to set this theme in motion.
If the guests didn't know by the horse shoe crested cake, the mason jar water glasses, or the bar menu which included specialty beers such as The Reverend that smelled of sweet molasses and brown sugar, then they had to piece it all together the moment the bride showed up riding side saddle on her champion black stallion. Yes, we were in for a beautiful home & country kind of wedding.


Keeping these three tips in mind will definitely aid you in crafting a memorable night, but don't forget the most important tip which is to have fun while planning your event. If you're having fun, then it guarantees that your excitement will pass on to your guests. Remember your wedding is your special day to spend with family and friends.

Have you been to a memorable wedding? We would love to hear from you! E-mail us pictures, descriptions, or anything else to get us in the wedding spirit  and we may post it to our blog.

Like always Stay Lovely,
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies  

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