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Yacht Party? Why N-Yacht.

In life, I like it when I have all my yachts in a row. You may think the saying is "get your ducks in a row", and you may think that I am somehow mixing my idioms, but no you read correctly. I made no mistake; I like it when my yachts are all in a row.
What use do I have with ducks anyway?

This past weekend Brian and I went to Greenport for their Annual Maritime Festival. Visually speaking it was gorgeous and I had to snap a few photos:

One of the great perks of living on Long Island is weekends like these, with outstanding views of sails and sky. Brian, and I also had dinner at the famed Claudio's Restaurant which topped off the night. Stay tuned for D&R's Foodie Review!
After seeing these photos don't you too want your yachts in a row?
Stay Lovely,
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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