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Find Your Niche With (Nich) Boutique

On walking into (nich) boutique, one is greeted instantly with well curated sights, sounds, and smells.

First, your eye catches the black leather bomber with lace details you just have to try on! Then, you notice the old school sewing machines in retro colors as part of the stores' awesome eclectic décor, and vintage vibe.

Second, you recognize MGMT is playing softly in the background and you're thinking: Yessss, I haven't heard this song in for-ev-er...

From (nich)-
Black leather jacket over maroon a-line dress
Dusk & Rubies

...and finally you smell the clean scented candle burning behind the cash stand, which is next to old wooden crates that double as a display for the tastiest of fall accessories (ohheychrisi included).

What follows is a small prayer to the goddess of retail and the words "I don't care if I am Dorothy; please, leave me in Oz"...Well at least that's what happened to me, when I entered (Nich) boutique. That, and the instant grabbing and trying on of so many beautifully collected pieces.

Kristy Mak, the owner and curator of this little slice of heaven located on 161 Market St. Collegeville, PA 19426, is not only über chic greeting her customers with a vibrant lip, and a well stylized outfit, but also extremely friendly and knowledgeable on what looks good on who, and what types of pieces she wants to represent her brand.

Left to Right:
Kristy Mak, owner and curator of (nich)
Chrisi Lydon, designer and Philly blogger of ohheychrisi

As I was perusing, Kristy was giving feedback to another customer.  The customer modeled what she picked out, while Kristy gave her her undivided attention, and a few styling tips. If you want to feel like perfection in your clothes, and like that idea of having a personal stylist, then Nich is the boutique you've been searching for. Kristy Mak helps everyone who walks into her boutique find there fashion (nich).

Want to see more?
instagram: @nichboutique
Stay Lovely
Editor and Curator of
Dusk and Rubies

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Written by: Danielle A. Rufrano
NYS Teacher Certification in English Language Arts
Freelance writer for: and
BA in English, 2010

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