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The Health Issue: Day# 5 & Day #6 of D&R's 10 Day Fitness Challenge

I can't seem to post these designed workouts fast enough! So here are the workouts I did for Day#5 and Day #6 of Dusk & Rubies 10 Day Fitness Challenge!
Day #5
The people who make the change to stay fit, and stay fit for the long haul, are those who find ways to fit fitness into their hectic schedules, their workday, and their lives. So, what did I do on day #5 to meet this goal? Well, it depends on the job you have, but here are a few ways to add fitness into your workday like I did.
1. If you have a desk job:
1. Swap out your chair for an exercise ball. Stimulate your core muscles with this easy trick.
2. Eat your lunch at your desk, and use your lunch break to take a walk.
3. It may not be fashionably, but you could wear ankle weights under your dress pants, so that every move you make will have a toning effect. (This will make walking in heels a challenge so we suggest you use this when wearing flats, or shoes with 1" heels.
2. If you have a job that incorporates manual labor:
1. Waitress, Sales, Hairdresser, Doctor: these are all jobs that incorporate a lot of movement so you're lucky. We suggest to buy a pedometer to track how much you move, and the calories you burn. Each day try to meet the goal you set for yourself, or top it!
3. If you have a job that is part time stationary, but has moments where you can move:
1. Teacher, Therapist, Appraiser: If you have a job where you find you can sit or stand I suggest you try to move more. As a teacher, when I had hall duty I would walk the hall instead of sit at a desk.
2. Take the stairs always, and often.
3. If you're traveling, and sitting in a car for long periods of time when at work be more aware of when you're not in the car/ not traveling.  Take breaks in between to walk, to stretch. It is always a good idea to invest in some weighted wristbands, ankle bands, or vest. It just makes every little move you make more important. Park far away from your destinations too, so that you can stretch those legs!
Day #6
So how are you doing? We are more than halfway through? How do you feel? Stronger? More fit?
Today I want you to get outside! Play a game of tennis, a round of golf, a pickup basketball, soccer, whatever and whichever sport you know how to play. Maybe even some yoga in the park!
Doing something you love is an easy way to get exercise in.
Day #5 and Day #6 is all about fitting fitness into your everyday life. We want you to try to make small changes: move more at work, and get outside
Good luck! You're almost done with this challenge; keep it up!
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies 

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