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Philadelphia Bound To Visit OHHEYCHRISI!

Central Park: 2012
It was in the year 2006 when I first met my friend Chrisi, writer for the blog Ohheychrisi and the jewelry designer of a jewelry company by the same name. How did we meet? My best friend, Jen, from high school was Chrisi's roommate. Jen would call me up all the time to say,
"oh my god my roommate and you are so much alike!"
If seven years of friendship is any indicator Jen was right! Chrisi and I have so much in common. We both write for successful blogs, have our own jewelry lines, love each other's company, love NYC, love to be inspired (and often find inspiration in each other) and we love to explore!

SOHO, NYC 2012
The Marriot Marquis, NYC 2011

Chrisi, Me, Jen NYC 2010

 Let the photos of our awkward years commence...
Tampa, FL 2007
The night we first met at Tampa University (Babes in Toyland)
Tampa, 2006
Tampa, 2006
 I am so excited to be visiting her for blogging, jewelry making, wine sipping, exploring, shopping, and more in Philadelphia. Of course there will be more photos to be taken, and more posts to come about my upcoming trip so stay tuned!
Stay Lovely,
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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