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The Be Bold Collection: Working With Jenna Mule of Jenna Mule Photography

With flecks of gold, and some bold colors- voila! The #BeBold Collection has been born! Or should I say with the expert eye of Jenna Mule Photography, and the steady hand of Melissa Gaglio of Magic's in the Make-Up The #BeBold Collection was created?

I was so lucky to get to work with the uber talented, precise, artistic, fun-loving, up for anything, playful Jenna Mule of Jenna Mule Photography.  

Last Monday I walked into Jenna Mule's studio super excited, and slightly nervous. A couple of weeks ago we had discussed all of our ideas, our dreams, our hopes, and boy was there a lot of them! I found out quickly that Jenna and I think so much alike, artistically,  and we are just about down to try anything to get a good photo (just check out some of these shots for a reference).

What's great about Jenna is she is not only a professional, who graduated cum laud from Post University for Photography, but she is also a relaxed, competent photographer who makes everyone she photographs completely at ease.

Between having my hair done, my face put on, and choosing which jewelry to shoot, I was able to ask Jenna a few questions:

Danielle: You have so many amazing shoot ideas, including this one, what inspires you, and your photography?

Jenna: People. (laughs) Their look, the interactions they have with one another. You know, if someone is having a bad day, and then you make them smile. That's my whole outlook/ idea of what photography should be.

Danielle: That's probably why you capture people so well. I love your ballerina series- the movement/ the poses- they look effortless and just so real. If you know what I mean.

Jenna: Yes! I know exactly what you mean. Let me show you my Christmas card picture; it was not the norm, but we loved it! (Talking about her and her boyfriend she showed both Melissa and I a large print of last years' Christmas photo including: her two dogs and cats.) We are not even all looking at the camera, but it just captured us!

Danielle: (laughing) Your essence. I love how you guys are laughing and looking at each other. It's perfection! I noticed your website is a great platform for your work. You have so many beautiful shots that you have captured. What has been your favorite project so far?

Jenna: Thanks! Today was really fun. Where this is going to go is going to be really fun. (Pointing to Me and Melissa). It's fun to mess around with paint, and someone's face, and that's not something I can do on a normal shoot. I really loved the ballerina shoots too!
I really liked the neon splatter with black light, the girls on black series, and the pin up girl series.  

Working with Jenna Mule I was astounded by her ability to walk the line between professionalism and personability. Her strengths include really listening to what her clients want. Jenna told us a story about a shoot she did  two weeks prior. They were family shots which incorporate not only having to listening, but being patient. When the parents would state "the baby looks alert" she wouldn't hesitate to take as many shots as possible. I call that a photographer's intuition. By capturing what others want exactly Jenna is able to respect others visions as well as her own.

I cannot wait to work with Jenna Mule again! So please check her website out, and if you need photographs for any occasion she is your woman.

Follow her on Instagram: @jennamule

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Written by: Danielle A. Rufrano
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