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The Magic's In The Make-up: Working with Melissa Gaglio

"I am a creator of alter ego's, weekend aliases,
bad girls, and good girls.
The question is...
If the magic's in the make-up, then who am I?"
-Melissa Gaglio

After having the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Melissa, a full time make-up artist, and the Owner & Founder of The Magic Is In The Make-Up, I think I have the answer to Melissa's question. I would have to say you are the all-mighty and powerful Oz!

 The Wizard of Oz...

  ...and all things MAC!

This past Monday Melissa, Jenna (a super talented photography) and I came together for one amazing shoot! I was lucky enough to have my face transformed by Melissa who made me look like the offspring of Lady Gaga on her Applause album cover and a Jackson Pollock... if they were to have mated...and ya know...produced more iconic art.  During our collaboration I was able to sit down and ask Melissa a few questions about her style, her love of all things make-up, and which products she suggests.

Danielle: So let's talk your own style, because you have an awesome look. What inspires you?

Melissa: Thank you! Old Hollywood glamour. I am in love with Lucille Ball, her look is probably my number one inspiration. More modern takes on her look that also inspire me are like Gwen Stephani, and Christina Hendricks from Madmen.

Danielle: I never thought about the connection between Gwen Stephani's look and Lucille Ball but I can completely see that. Speaking of looks, what is your favorite look that you have either experimented with or created for someone else?

Melissa: Usually when I get the chance to do some out of the box work, like we're doing right now; that's what I really like. I really like doing zipper eyes, Halloween gore make-up; the non-traditional stuff. I can appreciate good gore boyfriend and I (smiles) were watching an episode of Dexter, and a girl was killed in a bathtub and I turned to him and was like, "that gore make up is terrible!" (laughing)  He was like, "It looks pretty good to me."

Danielle: (laughing) Not something someone, other than a make-up artist, would pick up. It is awesome though, you have an entirely different perspective then my own when watching a show. You're looking purely at the magic of the make-up.

Danielle: People, women in general, always want to know which products are the best, and obviously everyone will have a different opinion, but today you used a plethora of make-up on me, probably more make-up was put on my face than I have ever had in my entire life, and yet it feels like there is nothing there. My skin feels like it can breathe! Which products do you recommend, and which products can you not live without?

Melissa: Of course Mac, Hourglass is great if you're looking for an all-natural alternative, or you have sensitive skin. Mehron. I cannot live without my Inglot gel liner, and Hourglass icon lip stain!

Danielle: What about favorite make-up artists? You have to have a few you aspire to, are inspired by...

Melissa: Yes, I love Joyce Bonelli who does Kim Kardashian, and Nikki Minaj. And, Max Factor because he is just a pioneer.

Photo taken by: Ashley Victoria Makeup: Melissa Gaglio Magics In The Make-up

I loved having my make-up done by Melissa, not only is she personable, and full of energy but also meditative, capable, and precise all without losing her spur of the moment artistic edge. A true enigma, like most amazing artists. While sitting and having my alias for the photo shoot put on I kept thinking:

This must be what the stars, and celebrities feel like when they are getting ready for there red carpets, and photo ops.

If you're looking to get your make-up done for a wedding, special occasion, bridal party, a night out, prom, Halloween and you want to feel like pure celebrity then hire Melissa Gaglio of Magic's In The Makeup:

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Written by: Danielle A. Rufrano
NYS Teacher Certification in English Language Arts
Freelance writer for: and
BA in English, 2010


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