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5 Magic Hat Brews You Have To Try

To be honest there are more than 5 Magic Hat brews you have to try, so that is why we added an extra review! 

1. Heart of Darkness: Stout. I am a girl who loves her stouts. My favorite is the Cherry Imperial from Blue Point Brewery, and I consider myself somewhat of a stout expert, because if there is a stout on the list I can't help but try it. Heart of Darkness was no exception, and it didn't help that it's a beer named after a Joseph Conrad novel. A NOVEL! Okay, geeky English degree moment passed and moving on...What this stout lacks in hops, it makes up for in malty deliciousness. It is surprisingly light despite its inky color, which lends to its smoothness and easy drink-ability. This beer is one that they do bottle and sell in a multitude of venues all over the United States. So, if you want to try it keep an eye out.


  • ABV5.7%
  • IBUs30
  • SRM80

2. Steven Sour: Sour IPA. With its added passion fruit, this beer is sour but more of a refreshing sour taste, rather than a puckering your lips kind of sour. It is something I would drink in the summer, on a beach, soaking up some rays. Sadly, this beer is only bottled and sold in Vermont. 

  • ABV5.6%
  • IBUs85
  • SRM5.8

  • Original Gravity13° Plato
  • Dry HoppedCascade
  • AdditivesPassion Fruit Juice

3. Maple Chocolate: Stout/ Artifactory Series. This beer doesn't get bottled, and is only poured in the artifactory. So, this is just another reason for you to visit Magic Hat brewery and taste it for yourself. Now, the Maple Chocolate does not taste of chocolate but has an aftertaste of maple syrup. (Buddy the elf would approve) It is on the lighter spectrum of stouts. 

  • ABV7.2%
  • IBUs50
  • SRM70

4. Single Chair: Lite Pilsner Style Beer. This beer, similar to the Chocolate Maple, wasn't bottled for eight years but has recently been added to the variety pack. This is an easy to drink beer, lite, great for spring or summer, mellow after taste, and a more and yellow in color. This is the every man's beer. Those who don't usually stray away from their Buds will enjoy the Single Chair. 

  • ABV5%
  • IBUs17
  • SRM3.5

5. Encore: Wheat Based IPA. The aftertaste carries a balance of citrus notes (grapefruit) and hops.  When held to the light you will notice this beer is murky and that is because it is a blend between an unfiltered  American Wheat beer and Indian Pale Ale. The ABV of this beer is 6.4, making it more heavy than one would assume. So if you love hops, you'll be chanting encore...see what I did there? Encore is bottled and sold in cities across the United States. 

  • ABV6.4%
  • IBUs45
  • SRM3.5

Suprise! Here is another!

6. Graupel: Wheat Wine Ale/ Humdinger Series. I was so happy to have the pleasure of trying the Graupel. It was a hot seller during the holidays, and sold out before Christmas . It has also been voted as one of the Best Beer Experiences for beer drinkers all around. What is so nifty, yes I just used the term nifty, is that it is bottled in a champagne bottle. This is a beer that you'll only be able to try and buy in Vermont. This beer is unlike any I have every tried it is amber in color, very strong, hints of caramel malts lending to its honey like texture, sweet and smooth. No wonder it went fast!

  • ABV10.8%
  • IBUs55
  • SRM6-8

Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below! 

Stay Lovely, and try a beer. (if you're of age of course)


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