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City Living: Celebrity Spotting!

Sometimes we catch up with some celebrities, designers, international super models, CEO's and we ask a few questions, eat some food, drink some champagne- you know the usual city mingling. We are dressed to impress, we have our questions practiced, locked and loaded, and we are fully expecting to bump into the socially elite. Other times celebrity sightings happen when we least expect it, when we are out with the family, and when we have food in our teeth (okay the last was a slight exaggeration...or was it?) It was actually my little brother who noticed this 90's sitcom star, while at Carmine's on the upper east side. Of course mom was embarrassed, and thought it was bad manners to disrupt his day-but I, on the other hand, was my little brother's partner in crime. I told him the two words he wanted to hear "Do it". 

My number one rule, when approaching celebrities, is to never go up to them if they are being bombarded by paparazzi, surrounded by a bunch of people, or having a conversation with the person they came with. 

But, I feel if there is no one around and they are not being annoyed, then there is nothing wrong with going over, introducing yourself and giving him or her a compliment on their work in a non-aggressive way. (You don't want to jump/ dive on them like my sister did when Mario reached out and shook my hand)...or...(swing your arm so hard into your sister's chest when Bruce Willis stops to give you directions)...yes, this is my same sister. Anyway, do you remember Steve Hytner? The real question is, can you name a sitcom Steve did not appear in? He has been in quite a few! Check it out here. 

He is most notably recognized for his appearances on Seinfeld as Kenny Bania.

Anyway Steve was incredibly kind, signed an autograph for my brother, took a picture with us, and walked back to our table to talk with my parents. He asked us why we were so tall, and blamed it on my mom. I love celebrity sightings like this one, making us feel like stardom doesn't go to everyone's head. You're gold, Steve, GOLD! 

Here is our celebrity sightings in the past year, and around where we bumped into them! Have a celebrity sighting, or story you would like to share? Tell us in the comments below. We can't wait to read it!

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