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City Living: Interview With Designer Khirma Eliazov

Friday night in Manhattan is electric; everyone's workday is winding down but the young professionals are winding up, itching to get to happy hour and start their weekends. It was my first day as an editorial intern for Guest of a Guest, and as everyone's day was ending mine was just getting started. I left Meat Packing to attend the Meet and Greet with Restorsea Founder Patti Pao and Brand Ambassador Emmy Rossum (Fiona from Shameless) at Bergdoff Goodman. 

Dusk & Rubies
(Left To Right: Kelly Cook, Patti Pao, Emmy Rossum, Tina Craig, Khirma Eliazov)

We made small talk with Patti Pao founder of Restorsea. She truly is a bubbly personality and was absolutely glowing- must be the Restorsea Renormalizing Serum we got to try. If you can swing the price tag, at $195 per ounce, this stuff is truly decadent. Great for around your eyes, and perfect for someone, like me, who suffers from dry skin in the winter. 

When we complimented Restorsea cosmetic bag designer, Khirma Eliazov, on her chosen color palette, she thanked us and said, "I wanted to create a look that could go from day to night, and obviously carry your Restorsea cosmetics." Khirma, in full excitement, laughed and added, "And, it can carry your iPad mini and your other devices!" This cosmetic bag plus the amazing skin restoring properties of the Restorsea line, is the perfect combo for any fashionista!

Once I heard there was room enough to hold my iPhone, camera, and cosmetics I was sold! 

Last Friday truly was a triple threat event, with celebrities, designers, and the beauty blogging community showing its full support. The Meet & Greet was a full success! Now, let's take a look at Emmy's not so shameless ensemble:

Emmy is wearing a Nonoo dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, House of Lavande and Fenton Fallon jewels.

$49 -

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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