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What To Wear: NYC January Weekend (Packing Light Essentials)

Mossimo plaid shirt

Button down shirt
$33 -

Oasis faux leather sleeve coat
$140 -

Forever 21 black jeans

Lucky Brand military boots

Betsey Johnson handbag

John Lewis hair accessory
$45 -

What To Wear: NYC January Weekend
Saturday: Sometimes I can look lovely...

...But other times, especially with my family, I tend to be a goof! 

"Dagger Danger" Earrings By Dusk & Rubies 

Look instantly pulled together with fur turban, knit scarf, and cinched coat!


When traveling on vacation with the family, we want to look stylish, feel comfortable, and pack light. Above are two weekend outfits perfect for hanging with family, or meeting the family. It is all about dressing appropriate for a range of venues and situations. We want to dress with the 3 Rs in mind when it comes to hanging with your folks, the boyfriend's folks, or anyone's parental units for that matter. The 3 R's stand for respectable, relaxed, and ready. You want your outfit to be something that can easily transition from something as physical as a scavenger hunt in Grand Central Station to dinner at Carmines. No one likes traveling with the girl who is high maintenance- no one. So make sure your the go with the flow girl with these easy breezy weekender outfits!

Stay Lovely,
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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