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Our Year In Review: Dusk & Rubies' 13 Favorite Moments Of 2013

2013 was a whirlwind for me. I felt 2013 was a learning year filled with trials and tests; it was a year where I  was yanked from my comfort zone, and then my comfort zone was demolished, blown up to be exact, and I was fed to the wolves (not to mix too many metaphors).

Although, at times, 2013 was uncomfortable it allowed me to keep moving, forced me try new things, afforded me new opportunities, pushed me to meet new and amazing people, and most importantly it helped me grow as a person. I am grateful to be moving into 2014 with a fierce courageousness, and burning fire to push myself further! 

Here are 13 of our favorite Dusk & Rubies moments from 2013:

1. We launched our new and improved blog. We added new contributors, new topics, and a new look!

2. We launched our own website, Dusk & Rubies, for your shopping convenience!

3. We met with Wendy Williams and were given insider information about her Broadway debut.

4. We covered the Pencils of Promise white party hosted by Sophia Bush. 

5. Our 2013 Fall Collection "How Country Feels" was made available to purchase in boutiques and shops like Queens City Cupcakes in Patchogue, New York.

6. We were granted insider access to QVC. 

7. We met with CEO and founder Maureen Kelly, and the team behind Tarte Cosmetics who sent us these wonderful goodies!

8. Dusk & Rubies visited Ohheychrisi for their first blogger and jewelry crafting weekend!

9. We were invited to cover the private launch party of fashion ambassador, and international model Farah Zulaikha. 

9. We created an advertising platform for small businesses called The Women Support Women Project, and worked with amazing companies, non-profits, shops, and women like Jenna Mule of Jenna Mule Photography, and Melissa Gaglio of Magic's In The Make-up.

Jenna Mule Photography

Photography: Jenna Mule Make-up: Melissa Gaglio

Photography: Jenna Mule Make-up: Melissa Gaglio

10. Dusk & Rubies was invited to the New York Times for a NY fashion blogger's meeting.

11. Dusk & Rubies was made a fashion contributor to an up and coming website called Bellas Fashionistas, which will be launching soon! 

12. Dusk & Rubies was published on websites like: Your Zen Life and Get Festy.

2013. The Dusk & Rubies blog was invited to a private shopping event with Cynthia Rowley. 

Looking back at 2013 I can really see how amazing it was. Why is it always when looking back that everything seems so great? (**New Resolution: try to enjoy the moments while in the moment.)

Here is to 2014! May there be more moments to excite us, more moments to enjoy, and more moments for us to share with all of you! Happy New Year!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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