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Where To Stay: The Essex Resort & Spa

Weekend getaways save my spirit. Truly, they do. Traveling takes me to my happy place, a place where I can act like a wide-eyed child who can't possibly eat anything because she is filled with her own raw excitement. I have always loved to explore, and have never been tentative about going behind the door that says do not enter. Now, as an adult, I still open the door but I bring along my Canon. 

Last weekend my adventurous spirit traveled to Burlington, VT, where I lodged at the Essex Culinary Institute and Spa. It was the perfect setting, twinkling lights and snowy sights greeted us (Brian and I) as we pulled up to the main house to check in. 

To say the resort exuded warmth and hospitality is an understatement. The receptionist's last name was Bliss, and she was everything blissful and more. She upgraded us to a Manor Suite with a fireplace and kitchenette, handed me an activities calendar, and took the time to point out everything happening in the resort, and what she recommended. 

Miss Bliss (not to be confused with the Miss Bliss from the early episodes of Saved By The Bell) also showed me the map of the extensive grounds, pointing out the underground tunnel that runs from under the Inn (the main building) to The Mansion where the bake shop is located, the spa, the outdoor hot tub, the bonfire circle for complimentary campfires, the two restaurants Amuse and The Tavern, and where they served free coffee, tea, cider, and cookies. The staffs' undeniable positive energy was infectious, so with a cookie (I ate it) and cider for Brian in one hand, and our key cards and room information in the other I headed back to the car. 

When you enter the lobby of the main building, called The Inn, there are so many comfortable nooks to relax with a complimentary beverage, and each area has with their own fireplace. 

And, what would a culinary institute be without a few well displayed desserts?

And for your pups!

The Manor Building. 

The comfortable lounge area.

Our suite's kitchenette came with a Keurig!

Huge bed with extra pillows!

The fireplace warmed the room and was on a timer.

There is so much to do, and so many places to go within the resort! Which way?

To the spa!

The grounds.

The Mansion.

 The Tavern.


Hey brides this place was chosen in 2013 by the knot for best wedding venues!

This resort was clean, the staff friendly and knowledgeable, and the location was prime for visiting Burlington shops, breweries, and dining. I strongly recommend this resort for couples, and families. I can't wait to return! This hotel is moderately priced, and can often be found on Groupon (what a steal) because it is under new ownership. So snatch your Groupon while you still can. We love deals! 

To book a reservation visit the Essex Resort Website: Here

Have you stayed at the Essex Resort & Spa, or another hotel in the Burlington area? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Stay lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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