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What To Wear: On An Interview

Whoever created the phrase, the clothes make the man, must have been reflecting on an interview prospect. You may not know this, but your interview attire is the most significant outfit in your closet. That being said, we should always have a go-to interview outfit, even if you are not currently looking for a job. Why? Because chances are you will have a meeting with the big boss upstairs, will ask for a raise, will have an evaluation of sorts and guess what you should pull out from the depths of your closet? Your interview outfit!

Yes, it is true that your resume and demeanor are absolute factors in earning a position, a raise, or making a good impression but did you know according to Forbes, "a study done by Frank Bernieri, Ph. D, an associate professor of psychology at Oregon State University [concluded that] within 10 seconds of meeting your interviewer...that person has decided whether or not you're right for the job" (Dress For Interview Success). Did you catch that? Your fate could be decided in a mere 10 seconds! That is equivalent to a glance up and time.

Maybe you find Dr. Bernieri's study inconclusive, but do you really want to chance it? I know I don't. Here are our 7 staples for creating the perfect interview outfit:  
Dusk & Rubies

So take the next step towards the career of your dreams!

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Dusk & Rubies 

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