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The Black & White: (It's The Girl's Turn) 5 Things We Do That Annoy Men

So as you know (if you have been keeping up with everything D&R!) my fellow blogger and beauty Ashley Byrd of Life Looks Better in Black  and I are doing a weekly series called The Black and White where we discuss anything and everything, including questions you submit for us to shed some light. For more information and to see how you can send us your questions visit this post: A New Blogger Collaboration

Usually we post these on Wednesdays to help you get through your hump day, but this week I am a little late! My excuse? I have been so busy with work, my internship, more work and finishing up my grad classes. Forgive me lovelies. I even included a #throwback photo of Ashley Byrd and myself from our fresh high school days for your enjoyment!

Our topic this week? We felt the guys were getting a little slammed with our previous topics, so we decided to turn the tables. 

5 Annoying Things Girls Do

Ashley's Take:

5 annoying things we're sorta sorry about? 5?! That’s it, huh - I’ll make these as specific as possible. 

1. Not making up our minds. I know I'm indecisive. I just like keeping my options open. I want you to tell me what you want to do so I can decide to do the opposite and give you 5 detailed explanations as to why I chose that. Example: Guy: Where do you want to go for dinner? Girl: I don’t know. Guy: How about McDonalds? (THIS IS NOT FUNNY - WHY WOULD YOU WASTE YOUR JOKES ON THIS COMMENT). It’s dumb - McDonalds is reserved for road trips in weird towns where it’s the only thing that’s “safe” to eat. HA, safe. Girl: Well I know I don’t want Italian, I don’t want anywhere too loud, I don’t want to wait and I don’t want a burger. Guy: UM - well where is that? Girl: Can’t you pick a place?! (girl thinking*** Please pick sushi, please pick sushi.) 

Point: I knew what I wanted the entire time - I just wanted you to suggest it. DUH. 

2. I'm also moderately sorry for expecting you to know exactly what I'm thinking at all times. I mean, you should! Girls: ya gotta work on being more expressive and telling your man exactly what you expect so he gets it and does it right and you don't have to get silently mad for no reason. Enter silent treatment or the “I’m fine’s.” THE WORST. She’s not fine guys, not at all. 

3. Always being lateAlways. This is a PSA to everybody I know: I'm sorry in advance for being late to whatever you invited me to do.Whatever - at least I'm consistent. 

4. Being cranky for no apparent reason. All girls do this. If they don't, they're not girls. And honestly - guys do it too! I may be cranky because I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. Or I received an annoying email from a nasty woman at work. Or it’s raining out. Or my period. Whatever it may be, please leave me alone. And I am only a little bit sorry about it. Don’t ask me what’s wrong. Just know that something is wrong - get me something to cheer me up and don’t harass me. I’ll come around and tell you in a little while when I’m feeling better because you bought me flowers or something comparable. 

5. Being obsessed with Instagram. I know - it's annoying and I'll put my phone down when we're together. Promise. 

Omg the list can go on and on, so sorry I'm not sorry! But I do feel your pain. 

Danielle's Take

I asked my boyfriend what were 5 things that I do that annoy him. I like doing honest research, but he laughed and like the smart guy he is didn't answer. But of course, I pushed him to at least list one. Which caused him to roll his eyes at me and I laughed, "Am I annoying you now?". The response was a nod and a yes. 

1 . Girls will force you tell them something and then get offended by it: We goad, we push, we think we want all the answers and then when we have them sometimes we are unhappy with the knowledge. I always want my guy to tell me everything but I also mentally prepare myself for not being thrilled with the results. A lot of girls want the knowledge without the responsibility of now possessing it. I know we are contradictory creatures and there is nothing you can do about it. I am also not the type to get angry...not right away anyway...

2. We are still angry about something that happened last week: Unlike guys, I think a lot of girls let things fester. Something annoying he said, or hurtful he did and instead of revealing our anger we hold onto it and let it pile up until it becomes more of an issue than it really is. We overreact. But don't you dare tell the girl your seeing she is overreacting. This will lead to chaos...pure and utter chaos. You will be in the dog house for days. She can say it; you can't.

3. She can say it; you can't: There are some things girls can complain about: her mother, her sister, her best friend and this is completely normal-- and yes you have to sit there and listen to her blow off some steam. But, you are not granted the same privilege. I know the enigma! Just nod your head in understanding, because her annoyance will easily be transferred to you if you open your mouth up about who she cares about even if it is to agree with her. 

4. We diet...a lot: I know my boyfriend hated when I started he 21 Day Fully Raw Challenge, vegan, gluten free, raw, organic, paleo, weight watchers whatever you're doing he hates it, doesn't understand it and thinks you're crazy. Which we are. 

5. We are always hungry: Probably because I had a kale salad for lunch and you had a hamburger, but I am starving now. Me: When can we get dinner? Which is met with an eye roll and my boyfriend's response: "it's only five Danielle". Honestly, I was probably hungry the moment we stopped eating lunch and I have been thinking about food ever since.  And if we don't have food we get HANGRY---hungry and angry, which is all together bad, bad, bad.

So besides nodding your head in agreement with our list, how can you deal with us girls? Honestly, I don't know. Do the best you can because we are enigmas, wrapped in contradictions, wrapped in paradoxes. All I can say is good luck!

Stay Lovely,

A.B & D.R

Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Blog 

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