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City Living: One Lucky Duck

Dusk & Rubies
New York City caters to over 8.4 million people, now imagine multiplying that number by the number of taste buds in each person's mouth. With different tastes and different lifestyles it is no wonder that within every area from Meatpacking to Chelsea to Midtown there are places where you can get fresh pressed juices, all natural smoothies, vegan meals, and gluten free cookies! Another intern and I, love going out for lunch to get some fresh air, take in some sun (when it's out!) and try some of the great restaurants around our area. We are a couple of lucky ducks to be a 5 minute walk from Chelsea Market and this little health food takeaway and juice stand called, One Lucky Duck

Dusk & Rubies
Check out all those smoothies and juices that they make fresh just for you! It was so hard to choose just one! And that's not all, they have an abundance of options for vegans, those with gluten allergies and all types of healthful snack options. My favorite that I am obsessed with is their Banana Nut Smoothie, which I have been making at home ever since. 
Dusk & Rubies

Filling, sweet enough and completely satisfying! I love getting an organic smoothie on a warm day! 

One Lucky Duck has two locations one in Gramercy (125 East 17th Street) and the other Chelsea Market (75 9th Avenue)

I definitely suggest trying this place out, you don't have to be vegan or gluten free or anything, but if you want to try a delicious organic smoothie this is your new place. 

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