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To Juice Or Not To Juice?

Liquiteria is known as the pioneer for cold pressed juices in NYC and Dusk & Rubies had the opportunity to sample three of their flavors for free: Grasshopper, All Greens, and Royal Flush. We not only reviewed each of these flavors, telling you how they taste, but also what time of day we would drink them, if we would consider trying the cleanse, and tips and tricks to drinking all 16 oz if you're not used to drinking pressed juices like the ones showed above. 
The first thing I noticed about these juices were they lacked nutrition facts. I thought this was extremely odd, because for something so healthy you would think the would boast about their nutritious excellence. So I did some research, by way of the Internet. 

On the Liquiteria website there was no nutrition facts to be found. In a more general search I found the nutrition facts for only the following juices:

All Greens With Apple- My Fitness Pal
Grasshopper- My Fitnesss Pal

It seems they really vary in calorie content, but some of these juices are designed to be a part of Liquiteria's Cleansing Programs

How They Tasted:

My favorite was the Royal Flush, but due to the name, I drank this slowly, and throughout the day. I like the taste of ginger, so although this drink tastes primarily of pineapple you can definitely taste the ginger and that didn't bother me. What I liked about this? They also have a expiration date on them, because of the fresh ingredients they only lasted for 2 days after I received them! For me, this added to the idea of freshness and quality behind the product. The Royal Flush is actually really refreshing, but I wouldn't drink this post workout due to the flushing qualities. I would suggest drinking this after a long weekend of either over-indulging to re-balance you. 

My second favorite was the Grasshopper, this one was seriously tasty. I wasn't feeling well on Thursday and not really hungry, but this was the perfect drink to balance me out and get rid of all the sickness I had been feeling. I definitely suggest the Grasshopper for anyone feeling under the weather. The mint really helps to soothe any stomach aches, and the flavor is really mellow and easy to drink.

My least favorite was All Greens With Apple. It wasn't necessarily the taste, but rather the consistency. I have made my own kale smoothies before and I like the taste, but have always found the the consistency hard to get through. All Greens didn't really taste of apples at all, and I actually had to freeze it a little bit and add water to it to thin it out. (I know not the way it is intended to drink it). A better way to drink this, while making sure you get all its nutrients is to add a twist of citrus adding lemon or lime really helps. 

I definitely would drink Liquiteria's juices again. The day I was not feeling well and drank the Grasshopper I felt a lot better. It was good to nourish my body with so much vitamin E and get in my daily dose of fruits and veggies. I am not really a cleanse person, but I am not opposed to trying it. I drank one juice each day rather than all three in one day in replacements of meals. 

If you have any questions about this product please visit their About page. 

What do you think? Would you try a cleanse, or would you rather drink them day to day like I did?

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies

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