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Week #2: The Fully Raw Challenge

I remember privately thinking to myself that the 21 Day Fully Raw Challenge was going to be a.) exhausting b.) impossible and c.) stressful. But, I wanted to change my lifestyle around. I wanted to sleep better, nourish my body and skin, and lose a few pounds. I was desperate for something that wasn't a "diet", but more of a "try-on" (a "try-on" is something that is much more long term than a diet but to see if you can actually live its lifestyle you first try it on for a month.) Well, with within week #1 you know I lost 7 lbs--which is crazy, and I know way too much to lose in one week, but I also felt calmer, clearer, more relaxed, less stressed, my skin cleared, and sleeping better than I have in years for that post please visit: Fully Raw Challenge: Week #1 Complete for recipes, favorite dishes and more! I am currently at the close of week #3, but I wanted to recap what happened in week #2. So read on to find out more about this lifestyle journey. 
Holidays are the hardest part about eating a certain way and Easter was smack dab in the middle of my 21 Day Challenge. Being Italian, food is one of the focal point of all of our events. Luckily, I have an amazing cousin, Donna, who was hosting Easter this year and she reads D&R! She read that I was doing the 21 Day Fully Raw Challenge and asked what she could make for me, which I thought was incredibly kind. Thanks Donna! 

My mom was bringing a great vegetable medley that everyone could enjoy 

Recipe: Holiday Side Dish "Savory Veggie Medley"
-Sweet Potato
- Olive Oil
- Garlic

Directions: (If you're eating raw it can't be cooked above 104 degrees technically, but if you're eating vegan, gluten free, or organic you most definitely can. Cook until potatoes have softened and carrots are slightly charred on the edges) 

First in a square ceramic baking dish add olive oil. Second,  slice up all veggies and pear into wedges. Third, add the produce into the baking dish. Finally, using fresh garlic cloves, mince garlic and sprinkle on top. 

I also brought my own Dalai Lama burger which I purchased from my favorite organic food market Cornucopia Natural Foods in Sayville, LI ( I am there practically every day). Oh, and for dessert I had tea and a dessert called Banana Balls. 

Susan Voisin has a great recipe for Banana Cashew Balls on to try!
And follow @rawesomecreations on insta for some of the most ingenious raw dessert recipes!

Update on my results: In week 2 I lost a healthy amount of an additional 2 pounds bringing my total up to 9 lbs. I have been sleeping through the night, like a rock, from also cutting out coffee. In week 2 I still haven't hit the gym as per usual and decided I would incorporate my usual cardio in week 3. My skin is clearing up! It looks a lot fresher than it did before! I thought I would be starving, but I find myself pleasantly satisfied and even incredibly full. It is all about finding healthy meal replacements such as a creamy hummus or tahini dressing for when I want ranch or creamy Italian dressing. Eating walnuts, pecans, chick peas, black beans, kidney beans when I need protein or crunch. And when I want something sweet I love combining bananas, vanilla bean, dates and cinnamon into a smoothie. If you can find an alternative that you enjoy to eat that is key.  

Do you have a recipe you want to share? Or, have you tried the 21 Day Fully Raw Challenge? We would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments, questions in the comment section below!

Stay Lovely, 


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Dusk & Rubies 

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