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Marshalls Mondays: Betsey Johnson Haul

      It has been a while since I have posted on my finds at Marshalls, but that doesn't mean I haven't been shopping. Of course I have! I am not an impulsive shopper, but rather I really try to buy things I don't have, or need for a certain event. Well Spring is here, and at Dusk & Rubies that means new accessories (i.e Bags & Sunnies!) So let us take a look at the brand we are talking about today, the products, and of course the savings!

    Many of you may be familiar with the brand Betsey Johnson, but whenever I buy something I really like to know about who I am buying from. There are a few things I love about Ms. Betsey Johnson (did I say a few? I meant a lot, a lot, a lot) Well, first, Ms. Betsey Johnson is considered a New York designer! Us New Yorkers like to claim that she is ours, but she was born in Connecticut. Secondly Ms. Betsey Johnson was inspired by her childhood passion, dance. I too took dance classes when I was younger and like Betsey was in love with the costumes we were able to wear. I always felt transformed, like someone else more glamorous. At the time my dance costumes were by far some of my most expensive, and well tailored, outfits in my closet. This love for costumes has been said to have inspired Betsey's designs. Thirdly, now this you may not have known but because The Plaza is one of my favorite places on earth I know that Ms. Betsey Johnson herself has created a special suite paying homage to the wonderful stories of Eloise. Which is "rawther purrfect" don't you think? Both Eloise and Betsey share a love for the color pink!

     Betsey, in my eyes, is known for her playful, and lively designs which allow her fashion followers to transform themselves. That is why when I saw the following two items I had to snatch them up! Check it out!
To find these exact products for their original prices please check out the Betsey Johnson Website
BETSEY JOHNSON Retro Frame Sunglasses Originally $50.00 Marshalls Buy: $12.99
BETSEY JOHNSON Be Mine Black Patent Leather Speedy Satchel Originally $89.99 Marshalls Buy $29.99

Photo credits:
Betsey Johnson & Eloise inside the Eloise Suite

  So thank you Ms. Betsey Johnson for being so creative, and allowing me to play dress up once again!

Stay Lovely Ladies
Editor and Curator

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