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This Week's Dusk & Rubies Jewelry Campaign Photo Shoot (Sneak Peek)

I was seven years old when I asked my parents for my first camera. It was that same year in school that I volunteered to write for the fashion section of our class newspaper. I remember thinking, "if only I had a camera, then I can take pictures of outfits and write about them".

Well you can imagine my first snapshots using my little plastic pink camera didn't come out that well, but I remember my teachers being surprised that I knew how to frame a shot and click! I never missed a face, or what I was trying to shoot.

As time passed, I began to be interested in much more than photographs. I couldn't help but think about creating fashion photo shoots. I loved it all: from the backdrops to the clothes, from the poses to the make-up. I would be driving around, and then spot it: the perfect location for the photo shoot I had been envisioning in my head for days. I would be inspired by anything and everything. I was inspired while running on the treadmill, while at the beach, while snacking on some almonds. The ideas just kept on coming!

I began to have so many ideas that I had to start creating a list so I wouldn't forget.

Here is a sneak peek from my most recent shoot!

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! These items will soon be available to purchase. Don't forget to check out the Dusk & Rubies Shop for one of a kind accessories.

Like always
Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator

Dusk & Rubies

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