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March Matchup: Recap of all things March

     I did a lot in March three out of the four weekends I went away. I went to Philadelpha with the boyfriend, Manhattan with Sammy Girl, and Newburgh with friends from my college job to visit the beautiful and talented Patrice Marissa, who holds a very prestigious job over at Ralph Lauren Headquarters, and just recently moved to Newburgh with her new hubby!
Our hotel was on Market St.

At the pub Elephant & Castle

My boyfriend posing with the top hat monopoly piece.

This was my first time trying a Phillie Cheese Steak!

One of the most interesting exhibits I have been to.

I'm a mobster!

At in Rittensquare
 The best way to start of a Girlfriend's Getaway is with a glass of wine!
Cheers @ Fig & Olive Restaurant
Samantha's Dinner. I love a good fingerling potato!
My Dinner: Raw Salmon in Citrus Sauce
Left to Right: Samantha and I
Getting ready for a night out on the town.
 Drinking Malbecs @ The Irish Exit on 2nd Ave.
The next morning drinking coffee at my favorite breakast spot Le Pain Quotidienne
 Low fat organic yogurt w/ berries and cinnamon @ Le Pain Quotidienne
Then on to a day at the Met
 Tyra calls this Random Acts Of Modeling
Looking from a different perspective
Random Acts of Modeling: Samantha
 Fashion is all around in the Big City
 Onwards to the Plaza for Lunch
@ Ethos for dinner...I strongly recommend
 Plaza Girl!

                                                 @ The Newburgh Brewery. I'm laughing.
                                                           Britt. Patrice. Kelly. Erica & Myself
                                                                       The Brew List
                                           After a few rounds we decided to break out the Jenga...
                                            It became competitive rather quickly...
                                                 ...and many worked on their concentration
                                                                   Then it got weird...
                                    After a night out we went for a beautiful hike at one of the many parks

                   I promise I'll be updating on a more regular basis for the month of April. Happy Spring!

As always stay lovely,
Editor and Curator


  1. OMG I miss you so much! Now that I'm feeling better, let's plan a NYC day trip!!! <333

  2. I miss you too! Yes, let's plan a spectacular NYC day trip; it is warming up, so the city will be buzzing with excitement! <333 Get your camera ready!!


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