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How To Be Successful...In An Online Course

Mindful Musing: Success

     It has been said, about success, that its meaning is very different to different people. I would like to first off write that I disagree. Success, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, means an outcome, or result that is either favored or desired. What you choose to be successful at, now that can be different. And how successful one can be, well their are varying degrees, but the term Success is very simply goal oriented. If you set a goal, and you reach it, then my lovelies you may call yourself successful.

     Now, what happens if you do not reach the goal you set out for yourself? Well, that is an entirely different post all together, but I do have some experience where my goals simply changed along the way. When that happens it doesn't mean we were unsuccessful it just means we have learned something about ourselves and where we are meant to go.

     I have just finished my first online semester at Stony Brook University, and I had heard mixed reviews about online courses in general. I have heard people say they love them, and I have also heard people say they hate them. Here are some of the reasons I have learned, and often heard from other: colleagues, friends, peers, and students about online courses.

Reasons to take an online course:

1.) There is no commute! Gas is expensive, and if your school is a drive away you can save money, and then of course use it to!

2.) You have a full time job, a part time job, or an occupation and you need to be able to
go to class at any time you please.

3.) Classes are usually shortened periods of time such as 8 weeks long instead of 10 weeks.

Reasons not to take an online course:

1.) If you are terrible at managing your time, then online courses are not for you. Although this is also a positive, that the class has the flexibility to be organized by you, there are set due dates, and assignments you need to accomplish within the week. And if you forget to post an assignment, paper, or add to the discussion then you lose points towards your average.

2.) If you do not like teaching yourself, then online courses are not for you. You will have all the responsibility of understanding the material, finding the answers, and doing the reading.

3.) The course is usually a shortened period. (Yes this is a positive for most) But, this also means you are required to do more work in less time. So be wary of the amount of work that is required of you.

     Overall, I found that online courses to earn my Masters was something I could be successful at. My final grades for both my classes were a 97, and 100 (keeping my 4.0 GPA in tact).

Hope you find success too
Like always stay Lovely
Editor and Curator

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