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What to do...on a Sunday (A Long Island Story)

One thing I love about living on Long Island is that each town is different, and within a half an hour of driving in any direction your surroundings can become completely transformed. There are: the much talked about beaches of the Hamptons (I mean even the cast of Sex & The City made the Hamptons a Summer destination spot), the lush foliage and rolling hills of Stony Brook Village, the port town with nautical views and white washed buildings of Port Jefferson, the spacious fields and wineries of Greenport, and the music hot spot that is Patchogue Village. And, there is so much more to see.

This past Sunday morning the sun was up and shining! The day owned that lazy feeling, like Sunday's usually do-well, for most people anyway. For me, a sunny day meant I was up for an adventure. I had a great idea. One of my favorite things to do is show off new places to friends. This Sunday I was in the mood for some beach, some sun, and a margarita! So I grabbed the beau, and we were off.

If you're ever visiting Long Island, then it is a must that you check out West Hampton. West Hampton has some of the most beautiful beaches. The water is clean, the sand is fresh white and speckled with shells, and the town is lovely with its cute shops and great eats. It is the perfect spot for a little R&R, or a day date with the boyfriend. It also helps me forget the upcoming work week, and pretend like I am on a little vacation of my own.

I suggest trying the Margarita Grille! It is only a few miles from the beach, and the perfect stop after a day of sunning. They serve mostly Mexican style foods, but with a fresh twist. Most meals, if not everything I have ever tried, are prepared healthfully, and there are plenty of healthy options to keep your Summer bod in check. Most Mexican style restaurants use plenty of oil, and there food is served in a puddle of grease. Here, at Margarita Grille the greens, beans, and cheese are of fresh quality, and of porportioned quantity.  

On a warm day sit outside! I like to start by ordering a
Margarita, so I can sit, sip, and people watch.

Every table is served complimentary chips and too-good sweet salsa

My boyfriend opted for the "Bull-dog Margarita"

When given the option, I will always opt for the Skinny Girl Margarita. What is great about theirs is it is only 80 calories!

How Lovely

Brian's healthy burrito with side of guacamole

As you know I am trying to eat healthy so I opted for all the extras on the side. Which our waitress gladly obliged. This is the cobb salad, and it was terrific. I really enjoyed the citrus vinagrette it came with.

After a filling meal we visited the beach to collect shells, and soak in the beautiful views.
Remember it is always fun to try new things, and go to new places. I think creating experiences in our everday lives keep us more content.

As always stay lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Blog

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