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Endless Escapades Budapest!

When you are abroad, the final week of classes does not necessarily mean it is time to buckle down but rather, IT’S TIME TO TRAVEL! My school in the Netherlands, UCM, does finals week a bit differently than HWS does. At HWS we take four or five courses per semester and spend the last week of classes giving final bits of feedback to our professors, asking questions about our exam, and filling out course surveys. At UCM, though, we only take two or three courses for each half of the semester and so we are currently finishing period four. I am taking two classes, but spend a total of 12 hours a week in a classroom, plus countless study hours. Here, the last week is probably one of the most intense, as finals may be taking place or else starting immediately after…with only a week before our next two courses begin. Our semester is not really over, but only near to halfway done.

And guess what I did to prepare myself for the end of classes and finals week? Took a four day trip to Budapest. Surprise! Let me tell you, Budapest is the most amazing place I have ever been. If I could, I would go back in a heartbeat.

Budapest is:

·         Inspirational

·         Historical

·         Lovely

·         Beautiful

·         Ancient

·         New

·         Timid

·         Spiritual

·         Delicious.

Words cannot adequately describe what kind of time I had around the Danube River. Before and after our inspirational walking tour, we visited and experienced:

·         Ryan Air songs

·         The Szechenyi bathhouses

·         Pest’s subway system

·         Hungarian hot pretzels

·         Goulash

·         The Grand Market

·         The Opera House

·         My friends being strip-searched in the airport

·         Parliament

·         The Herzl Tivadar Synagogue

·         The Cave Church

·         Hungarian cabs

·         St. Stephen’s Basilica

·         The bridge over the Danube River

·         The changing of the guards

·         The House of Terror

·         Apple Cider Beer

·         Getting kicked out of a Hungarian club

·         Wizz Air  …and so much more!

I wish I could bring you all there with me the next time I go, but I am not sure I can afford it. Here are some pictures of the trip to give you a bit more insight. Enjoy!

All my best,
Annie Nicole WS '14
Writer, Office of Communications
Student Worker, Admissions
Football Manager, Hobart Athletics

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