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Endless Escapades: Staying True to Yourself Abroad

While abroad this semester I have experienced new cultures, people, and friends. I have traveled to Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest, Paris, Venice, and Malta; taken more modes of transportation than I know what to do with and tried so many different kinds of cheeses and foreign meats. I have laid on the floor talking with friends and as of a few days ago I have fallen off of a city wall. On the riskier side, I have experienced, first-hand, what it is like to have friends who are involved in drug culture. Never before have I experienced this—not in high school or college. To each her own, of course, but hard drugs are a whole new thing for my eyes to lay witness to. How do you handle things like this? My friends are my friends no matter what, but seeing them engage in risky behaviors sometimes makes it hard. In times like these, it is important to remember to absolutely stay 100% true to who you are. How to do this?

1.      Don’t worry that people won’t like you if you do your own thing. They will, I promise. Just do you.

2.      No matter what it is, not everyone is doing it…promise.

3.      Keep in touch with friends from home…it will make things a lot easier

4.      Call your parents, sister, brother-family often, or skype/e-mail them when you can

5.      Give yourself a little “me time”

6.      Write about how you feel!

7.      Never try too hard. You are more than enough already.

8.      Stay as positive as you can!

9.      Be yourself.

Do you have any other advice for people living away from home who may have a hard time settling in, or want to figure out how to stay true to who they are while so many other things are going on around you?

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Until next time,

A.    xxoo
Annie Nicole WS '14
Writer, Office of Communications
Student Worker, Admissions
Football Manager, Hobart Athletics

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