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How To Be Successful...When Packing A Suitcase

How to Pack An (Organized, & Lightweight) Suitcase.
If I had a picture for every single time a girlfriend of mine over packed her louis vuitton luggage, or she couldn't find something, because it looked like her suitcase had exploded this page would be miles long. Our goal today is to conquer our fears of: not having that perfect skirt with us, so we pack four, not having the right necklace, so we throw in our entire jewlery box, not having the right pair of shoes (the terror!) so we pack three of the same, identical, black-peep-toe-pumps. I know the anxiety of leaving something behind is terrifying but together, and with the tips I have listed below, we are going to find success.
I hit rock bottom when this moment happened: Three years ago, the night before one of my trips, I was stepping on the scale without my luggage to see what I was weighing those days, then stepping off the scale, running back to my bedroom, grabbing my luggage, and weighing myself with the luggage in my arms, praying it weighed less than fifty pounds. I refused to give the airlines another dime of my hard earned money. I was both elated and relieved when the scale said less than fifty pounds. Then I recognized that I was sweating. Sweating while packing a suitcase! Packing a suitcase does not qualify as an Olympic sport! Something had to change.
So what to do? What to do? Well, through some research and some application I have come up with a few quick bulleted tips listed below to make us successful at yet another thing.
  • Pack items based on a color scheme. If you pack based on a color scheme, or hue you are more likely to pack less, and only what you need.
  • Pack an outfit for each day. If you pack an outfit for each day, this eliminates the grasping and grabbing of unnecessary items at the last minute. 
  • Pack shoes that could match multiple outfits. Shoes are bulky and weigh more than clothes, so find the perfect pair with dual purposes.
  • Pack one pair of pajamas. There's no need for more than one good matching pair.
  • Place faux accessories in small plastic bags. Fake and costume jewelry easily becomes tangled so putting them in small zip lock bags keep them ready to wear without the hastel. Place bracelets you plan to wear with necklace with matching earrings all in one small bag. (perfect bags I found at Michaels):
Buy Bead Bags Here
  • Place makeup in padded makeup bag. Many makeup bags are lined but I have had pressed eyeshadow crack and crumble before, what worked for me is to buy a padded makeup bag, and place it between clothing for extra cushion. Try these cute padded makeup bags from pottery barn pictures shown below:
Buy PB Makeup Bags Here
  • Wear expensive jewelry on the plane. You never want to chance losing expensive family heirlooms, so wear any expensive jewelry on your person.
  • Check the weather. If you know what the weather will be like you'll be less likely to pack two sweatshirts if it's going to be 98 degrees in the middle of August.
  • Place socks in shoes. Free up more space by rolling matching socks into shoes, and placing under garments.
  • Roll belts and place into shoes. Another great idea if you don't roll socks and underwear into shoes is to roll up belt into shoes. This also helps belts to keep their shape. Otherwise you can take extra pony tail holders and use them as rubber bands to secure belts. (Who doesn't need the extra pony tail holder?)
  • Don't roll stack. If your packing a lot of shirts, don't roll them. This actually takes up more space.
  • Place bulky items in zippered off part or on top of clothes. This excludes sneakers. I always place sneakers at the bottom of the bag, but hair dryers, straighters- that type of bulk needs to be cushioned and supported by your clothes so place those items on top, therefore; pack those last.
  • Make sure all shampoo bottles are in secured bottles then place in large secured plastic bags. Spillage! This has happened to me before, ruined my clothes, or gotten all over my suitcase. The best way to secure your shampoos and conditioners (really any liquid product) is to place in large produce plastic bags. You'll be glad you did!
Here are some pictures from one trip where I keep the same color pallete:
This was from a Girlfriend's Getaway Trip to NYC: I packed according to the color purple.
Black Blazer from Forever 21, Black Chiffon Dress from Old Navy, Purple Pashmina from Pier 1, Ring from Banana Republic.

Even early in the AM grabbing gourmet coffees with the girlfriends I don't forget to incorporate purple.
Oh, and if you think my besty looks familiar that is @Ohheychrisi from the ohheychrisi blog! Isn't she fabulous?
Earrings: Forever 21

Outside The Plaza NY wearing: Dress Forever 21, Brown Leggings: Forever 21, Bag: Michael Kohrs, and Pashmina: Pier 1
Happy Travelling
& like always Stay Lovely,
Editor and Curator


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