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5 Fun Ways to Workout This Summer Without Breaking the Bank

Think back to when you were a young kid. You probably didn't think to yourself: I have to get my thirty minutes of cardio in. Why? Because, when we were younger we wanted to be active. Being active was fun, and a way to socialize. Chances are you were in either soccer or dance, baseball or lacrosse, and you spent your summers swimming in the pool, or playing manhunt. These are all forms of exercise that as kids we never thought about as something we had to do, but rather something we wanted to do.

So, why is being active so difficult for some in our adult life? Well, I can think of a load of excuses: we work too hard, we don't have the time, people socialize now over cocktails not bike rides, we would rather do something relaxing like watch television, or read a book, we would even rather sleep. When it comes down to it most people have other activities they would rather do, or they no longer find being active fun. I have found to be successful with exercise you have to make it fun for yourself. To make sure you're getting your recommended sweat on three-four times a week it has to be enjoyable. Those gym rats who say: your workout shouldn't be fun it should be intense, and you should be crippled in pain; otherwise, you're not getting a good workout ...are completely wrong.

I can still lose weight, get into shape, and have fun all at the same time sans the pain I felt from trying P90X, and you can too. Here are 5 fun workouts that don't necessarily feel like working out at all.

1. Rollerblading: Do you remember a Roller Rinks by your house growing up? If you are a 90's kid, then you sure do. For some reason rollerblading to music with your friends while strobe lights were going was one of the most fun things to do for birthday parties. This still sounds fun to me, and still continues to be one of my favorite summer activities. Plus, if you have a pair of roller blades this workout is free of charge!

2. Hiking: Another wonderful way to get into shape, but without feeling like you are doing required exercise is to go for a hike. There are some beautiful parks on Long Island and all over the United States. Just bring a camera and soak in the nature. Meanwhile your legs and glutes will be doing tons of work!

3. Hula Hooping: Play some jams, and swirl your hips and you have a dance party! Oh no- wait, you're working out your abs. Can't believe it? It is true! Have fun with the hula hoop with friends, and whittle your middle all at the same time. What's better is it won't hurt your back, and you won't have to keep count of how many crunches you're doing. Just hit play and sway!

4. Yoga: Do it on the beach, do it in a field, or do it in your room on a rainy day. Yoga is a great workout and you can do it for free just about anywhere. Don't know the first thing about yoga? You can find videos and tutorials on youtube!

5. Bike Riding: I can't help but think of the movie Now and Then and how the four girlfriends would ride their bikes all Summer long, listen to the radio attached to their handle bars, and discuss the issues they faced with coming of age. This throwback movie reminds me of my childhood, where my sister, cousins and I would constantly ride our bikes everywhere listening to our i-pods. So get your bike, get your friends, and enjoy the ride!

Stay Lovely...

...and get your funfit on!


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Dusk & Rubies

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