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Get The Look: How To Do Your Makeup... Like Carey Mulligan (Gatsby Premier)

Carey Mulligan is doing it, Jennifer Lawrence (I love her) is doing it, and I always do it. Minimalist makeup is in! Both Carey Mulligan and Jennifer Lawrence showed up to the Gatsby premier naked...well their faces were, nearly. Take a look below:

Picture From: Glamour

Picture From: Glamour
     So why did so many celebrities show up with profoundly minimalist make-up? Well, against the backdrop of the glitzy and overly ornate movie it created contrast, and of course the weather! It is warming up all over (thank goodness), and as Summer approaches we tend to wear less makeup, which has so many benefits besides just looking pretty. It allows your skin to breathe; hey, even our skin needs a break! As the warmer months approach we are also going to places where the dolled up look seems out of context. Some places I never wear makeup to? I don't wear makeup: when at the beach, when on vacation,  when lounging around the house, when tanning at the pool, when up-state camping, when playing any sports, when at the gym. I know a lot of people don't feel comfortable sans make-up, and I know a lot of people who can't imagine wearing make-up all the time. Well I think this minimalist look helps bridge the gap between the two! Here is how to achieve it:

(Disclaimer: you will see me sans makeup...yet again...let the screaming begin.)

What you will need:

Step 1: Both of our lovely Hollywood ladies have flawless skin (or what looks like flawless skin). You will need a great hydrating concealer like the one above by Maybelline. After touching up under your eyes, on the side of your nose, and any areas that need some cover up, brush a mineral powder with a large powder brush over your entire face to set it, and for further coverage. What is great about nixing the foundation is that it allows your face to breathe, and it gives the appearance of way more natural look.

Step 2: Both ladies are wearing a very sheer, very natural looking earthy blush (think the color of clay).

Step 3: Carey's lips have a matte look while Jen's has a little bit of gloss. Both ladies look like their lips are perfectly shaped, which leads me to believe that they have had their lips lined with a pencil, or a lip brush. I used a lip pencil in the color of my lips, lined my lips, then colored them in. I then applied a little bit of gloss over the lip in a natural color.

Step 4: Last but not least eyes. The eyes are the most interesting part of the entire look. There is no visible eye liner, and no visible false lashes. In Jen's case it looks like mascara has been applied to her top eyelashes, and just probably a brush through on the bottom. If Carey has on eyeliner it is a thin line close to her waterline that starts in the middle of her lid and just reaches the corner (no extension). Once again we see there are no visible use of false lashes, but she may have a few separate lashes added to the outer corners of her lids. Because of the close-up photo we can see that Jen is wearing two eye shadows, a bone/light flesh color for under her eyebrow (brow bone) and it is dusted down to her lid. The second is a  coral/ bronze shimmer shadow that was dusted over her entire lid and swept out in a triangle. The shadow is extended out past the corner of her eye. I used Borghese's mineral shadow in coral sunset.
I love this look. I feel it makes everyone look young, fresh, and vibrant. I also feel this look celebrates clean, flawless looking skin that is neither overly tanned, or overly done up. I like this look for everyday and the upcoming summer weather.

Try it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Stay Lovely,
D. R
Editor and Curator
Dusk & Rubies

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