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Marshalls Mondays: Michael Kors & Maggy London Haul

So technically it wasn't Monday when I went to Marshalls, but rather Tuesday. Monday was Memorial Day, and it was the most beautiful day out of the weekend. So, no matter how much I love to shop, and love to shop at Marshalls, I could not be indoors. Anyway, on to the fab finds and designer deals I scored this Tuesday, and when I tell you I scored big...I scored BIG.

I am always looking for a new bag. Do I need one? No. Do I want one? Always. Usually I am good at just perusing the bag aisles, but today, out of the corner of my eye I spotted this awesome bag from Michael Kors and with the right price tag I could not pass it by.

This is the Michael Kors Electronics Neoprene Bag in Tangerine. Originally $98, but I bought it at Marshalls for...drum roll please...$39. Now for someone who is always carrying around her i-pad this bag is definitely for me. You can fit your camera, and your i-phone all in the convenience of a crossbody bag. The color is also on trend for this Summer. Check out the pictures below.  

Michael Kors Electronics Neoprene Crossbody

Padded insides to protect all electronics from your ipad to your iphone

What else did I buy at Marshalls? Well I found this adorable fit & flare cocktail dress by Maggy London. It has a zipper down the back, and is floral. Maggy London cocktail dresses are affordable at $158, but I scored mine for $49. Never heard of Maggy London? Well, Maggy London is a designer who knows how to make dresses that flatter your frame. Check out some of her other designs below!

Maggy London
Here's a fashion insiders tip for you! Why is fit & flare dresses so flattering?

Pear Shape: If you are a pear shaped woman and want to hide your hips, and accentuate your tiny middle the fit and flare dresses that Maggy London often designs are perfect for you. The dress will drape over areas you want to conceal and draw attention to your skinniest area giving you the perfect tailored look.

Thick Thighs: If you have muscular thighs, or thicker thighs these dresses often hit right above the knee, making your legs look thinner because the dresses hem highlights the smallest and leanest part of the leg.

Big Booty: If you have a little bit of a butt, or feel that some dresses make you look too bootyliscious for let's say your nieces communion (not an appropriate event to show it off ladies) and you want to conceal it this dress is also perfect for you. Once again the dress gives maximum coverage over the area you would like to conceal, but draws attention elsewhere.

Hope you loved this post, and found it fashionably informative!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies

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