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Get The Look: How to dress like Spencer Hastings

How to dress like Spencer Hastings

With the new season of Pretty Little Liars only weeks away, I was inspired to do a Get The Look for all of you lovelies. There are ways in which you can dress like your favorite trendy PLL. Spencer Hastings happens to be one of my favorites so I started with her.

Spencer is the preppiest of all the girls but she also adds a young twist to her looks. If you watch the show you notice she loves her blazers, and structured jackets. But, to soften the look she'll add something not so structured, and a little daring especially as her character has evolved. So if you look at the second outfit in the set I paired the truly Spenceresque blazer from Lilly Pulitzer with a flowing above the knee skirt, her knee socks, and Mary Janes. The purse I chose to complete the outfit goes back to the structure motif, but employs buckles which is on trend this season.

The first outfit employs a bohemian type hat, a flowing white lace shirt, which may seem a little too relaxed for Spencer, but she loves the femininity of the lace shirt. She also would wear the relaxed shirt with a more structured button down pencil skirt. She often wears leather lace up shoes. Another thing that Spencer does well with her fashion is she knows how to balance both feminine and masculine lines.

The final outfit I am in love with! The loafers with their stitched brocade gives the sense of royalty, of privilege, but they are not the focus of the outfit. She often wears a collar, but this soft pink chemise walks the line of structured/ unstructured quite well. I paired it with a white pant because of the upcoming warmer months.

That's Me on the Right!

Hope you love this get the look.

Stay Lovely,


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