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The Health Issue: Get Thee...To A Gym May!

One of my major goals for May is to start hitting the gym more often. I just wanted to share with you this fitsperation for a second:

You don't have to be in your best shape to have your best endurance. I hit the gym yesterday in an awful mood. (I was kicking and screaming not wanting to go) But once I was there look what I accomplished! I ran for three miles, and then walked uphill for two. (I had done a 10 minute mile jog before this) Bringing my entire workout to a full 60 minutes. And I did not even want to go. I was in a terrible mood.

Just get there, and even if you only stay for twenty minutes, that is twenty minutes more than you would have. And guess what? You will actually feel better afterwards.

So go on girl get your MAY workout on!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies

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