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Ask Wendy: Wendy Williams on her new novel, love, and being fabulous!

How you doin'? May be her catch phrase (let's just ponder for a moment what it would be like to have our own catch phrases...) Right, as if having a hit morning talk show wasn't enough, Wendy Williams has her own catch phrase, and  has just released a new book, which to me equals bonafide stardom. I was lucky enough to have seats up front to Wendy Williams book reading, and Ask Wendy segment (which her sixth book has been named) at the Bryant Park Reading Room.

 The day was perfect. Well, it was a little chilly, but Wendy warmed us right up with her pop of color: hot pink manolo blahniks, hot pink lips, and of course her vivacious personality. Wendy explained as she posed for pictures that she never knows how to dress for these things, but likes to "give the full Wendy". She elaborated by stating,  "I like to give good height, and I like to give good wig" joking about her 5'11" status and love of playing with her multitude of hair styles.

My outfit to meet Wendy in. Of course I wore 4" wedges!

A little shoe love.

 She not only looked fabulous, but she also gave us the inside scoop. Wendy Williams is set to play Matron Mama Morgan in the Broadway play Chicago! She told us she sings one number, and starts vocal lessons next week. She also told us that she would like for the production company she and her husband own, to collaborate with a channel like Lifetime to produce her Ritz Series (A trilogy based on her main character Ritz, who is of course a diva).
Her hot pink lip!

After all the juicy news Wendy divulged she was ready to delve into her most current book Ask Wendy. She explained to us that she is going into her fourth season of the Wendy show, and this book was dedicated to her "Wendy Watchers", who wrote her letters about their toughest problems and she answered them. "No topic was off limits", she stated to us, and we all nodded in admiration of Wendy's ability to explain, in only the special way that Wendy does that, "Tough talk means straight understanding".

She gave us advice, as she told stories from her own life, and her own growth such as:

1. That it is okay to breakup with your girlfriends. That just because you know someone since kindergarten does not mean you have to stay friends with them. That if your girlfriend is a thorn in your side, then breakup. She smiled as she remarked, "the friendship chapter was my favorite chapter to write". She smiled secretly, and then broke it down for us, "I am a firm believer in you have to break a few eggs to make a good omelet".

2. That when you walk away from a man, or break up with him, "you want your walk away shot to be good, and lingering..." Meaning, that even if the man does you wrong, to do yourself right.

 3. Office romances are NOT a good idea, or that they take a special kind of mature person, and that when you're "falling in love no one is completely balanced".

 After talking she opened up the floor for a Q&A, then she signed books, and took pictures. While waiting online she began talking to me while signing someone elses book. My height had peeked her interest, "How tall are you?". With the heels that I was wearing on, I was a healthy 6'2". We then started to discuss our heights, and laughed at how we love to embrace it by wearing skyscraping heels. Wendy nicknamed me "tall girl" and we took a rather good picture. How you doin'?

Here are a few more pictures:

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