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The Craft Fair Diaries...

This weekend I went to my first craft fair of 2013! It was held at the Farmingdale Library, which is huge in comparison to my library. It was all state of the art with its: window-like fish tanks, and coffee machines. There was a book fair, a bake sale, and a mother's day plant sale. So you could imagine the place was bringing in loads of traffic.
There were over 75 vendors, and every shop was unique and different. All crafters were divied up into three different rooms, and I like to believe that room Z (my room) was the best one. I have to say this craft fair completely boosted my confidence as a designer. I was given so many compliments on my designs, and how I presented my jewelry. Here is what a few vendors, and buyers said:
"You're jewelry is so beautiful, and so different."
"You need to keep this up. My neighbor started off just like you, and now she is running a successful business. I am originally from California, and I think you will go very far."
"You're stuff is beautiful-you used beads in a way I never thought to." -Eileen Godwin
It was so exciting to make people's day, or to see their excitement with their purchase. One mom and daughter bought a pair of earrings to match her prom dress, and they came back a second time just to thank me for the beautiful earrings, another daughter bought a pair for her Mom, and one woman bought two long dangles for herself, and rocked them! Overall, it was a really successful and gratifying experience. Here is what sold:
"Exotic Summer" $20-
"Exotic Summer" 20-
"Moonlit Swim" $12-
"Moonlit Swim" $12-
"Swims with Dolphins" $15-
"Swims with Dolphins" $15-
"Bermuda Triangle" $10-
"Bermuda Triangle" $10-
"Tons Of Good Luck" $20-
"Nearly Naked" $7-
"Cinderella's Glass Slipper" $10-

 I sold a few other pieces off of the Tree Display I created below:

My petite shop!

My new business cards!
Photographs of my models wearing my designs.
Global Jewelry Line
A close up of the earring carousel

I will keep you all updated on my next fair!

Stay Lovely


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies

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